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Locate a WA Chapter

    Have you considered joining a local SHRM Chapter? Are you aware of the benefits of joining a local chapter?

    As an SHRM member in the State of Washington, you have the opportunity to apply for membership with one of 17 local chapters. As a member of an SHRM affiliated local chapter you will have access to a wealth of services and programs that can broaden your skills and make you more valuable to your organization.

    SHRM Membership can provide you with

    • Exposure to other HR professionals and companies revealing how other organizations handle various human resource situations;
    • Access to a network of professionals and specialists providing HR information that might otherwise be difficult and/or expensive to obtain;
    • Opportunity to develop relationships and contacts in other companies to share information on HR concerns;
    • Availability of local professional development opportunities to improve YOUR abilities and skills;
    • Access to current best practices to make your organization more efficient, increase employee commitment, and help managers carry out business strategy;
    • Availability of up-to-date information on pending federal and state legislation that may impact your company’s operations;
    • Opportunity to develop leadership skills by volunteering in a leadership role in a local chapter; and
    • Development of a reputation in the HR field through your involvement in a local chapter.

    Click here to find a Washington State chapter near you.

    Advance the profession, advance your career -- join a SHRM chapter!!