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    LWHRA Symposium 2016 - Putting the Pieces Together

    Date: February 9, 2016
    Meydenbauer Center

    Physical and Mailing Address:
    11100 NE 6th St.
    Bellevue, WA 98004
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    Symposium 2016

    Putting the Pieces Together
    February 9 | Meydenbauer Center

    Much like pieces in a puzzle, today’s HR professionals must possess certain core competencies to successfully serve our companies, develop our careers, and advance the HR profession.

    These puzzle pieces fit together in a specific way to reveal a well-rounded, business savvy, HR professional who 'gets' the big picture.

    Seeing the big picture is just the first step.

    Where do you begin?  By attending the 2016 LWHRA Symposium of course. Each speaker or topic is aligned to a specific core competency, providing different insight, tools, experiences, and knowledge that will help all of us move towards the big picture that is “Thriving” in HR.

    Just as with real puzzles, it’s more fun to solve them together – so as always there will be the opportunity to network with local HR professionals from a variety of industries and roles – take advantage of this amazing opportunity to get involved.

    As SHRM CEO Henry Jackson puts it, “…let’s see ourselves not as HR professionals, but as business professionals who happen to lead HR strategy."

    2016 Symposium: Putting the Pieces Together
    Reveal Your Big Picture!