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Light Rail and Train

    Don't want to deal with all that traffic or the hassle of parking?  This year's conference is just two blocks from the Westlake Center Light Rail Station.  Why not take advantage of the convenience, ease, and low rates of the Sound Transit Light Rail and Train options.

    Light Rail:

    Link light rail provides service between Sea-Tac Airport and downtown Seattle. Enjoy your commute time reading or relaxing rather than grinding your teeth in traffic.

    Click here to view the light rail schedule, stops, and fares.

    Sounder Train:

    The Sounder Train can get you to the downtown area in a fraction of the time it would take to drive.  You can connect with the Sounder Train as far north as Everett, and as far south as Lakewood.

    Click here to view the train schedule, stops, and fares.